Moulder/Rounder Combo - Long Loaf

Moulder/Rounder Combo - Long Loaf

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This moulder is highly versatile and compact. It can produce long loaves starting from a minimum of 50 gr. and up to 1800 gr. A handy feeding conveyor belt can be placed in different positions ensuring the maximum flexibility coupling with other machines.

Two adjustable sides (positioned into the hopper) center the dough for the lamination ensuring long loaf breads with uniform shape and dimension.

The four nylon coated pressing cylinders can be independently adjusted to allow a precise lamination with all dough types. The distance

between the two laminating cylinders allow the relaxation of the dough from one pressing to another, obtaining in this way a very delicate treatment of the dough.

A heavy cloth, positioned after the laminating cylinders, gives the dough an initial preparatory roll for loafing made by the loafing table of the moulder. The regulation of the loafing table is achieved by the front control panel, easily reachable from the product exit position, which means great time savings. The moulding table is easily exchangeable and available in flat, concave and convex versions to provide optional shape on demand. Optional Features:
Optional Features

Adjustable side guides for tin bread
Adjustable long loaf motorized belt to stretch more gently long loaves
Adjustable pressure board foldable. Techinical Features: Steel structure

- Belt and chain drive

- Nylon coated laminating cylinders

- Wheel mounted equipped with locking device