In the Spotlight

APEX Bakery Equipment has beautiful new lines of equipment and new models of existing equipment. Apex is actively involved in the design process and always strives toward perfecting our machines.

The new address is:

APEX Bakery Equipment, Inc. 5155 NW 84th Rd. Pompano Beach, Florida 33067 

Phone: 954-805-4874

We are pleased to offer our SYNO semi and fully automatic SLICING machines. (Available exclusively in the USA by Apex Bakery Equipment). It was designed in Switzerland and built in Germany to the highest standards. This work-horse of a machine is perfect for pizzerias, bakeries, restaurants and supermarkets.

This unique game changing precision machine will improve workflow and make your life easier (especially during peak hours) The Syno cuts the perfect slice ever time, simple to use and completely safe. The Apex - Syno is for the finest bakeries and quality pizzerias. Once you try it, you won't want to be without it. Please contact Mark or Ken to discuss possible terms. Under certain conditions, you may be eligible for trying out the Syno with full refund (less freight) if you choose not to keep it. That is how much we believe in this product.

So please contact us at 954-805-4874 or email MARK@APEX-EQUIP.COM. And be sure to watch the video.

    We are pleased to announce a new cup cake line by Gorreri.

    We are pleased to announce new bread slicer specially designed for sandwich shops and catering industry to improve safety, hygiene and productivity.

    We at Apex are proud and excited to offer the Daub product line to our customers. Have a look at this PDF and please let us know how we can assist you.


    The Belcake 670 Advanced Depositor is specially designed for cake production (depositing batter, icing middle layers, top and side finishing); however it can be used as a regular depositor for depositing layering, injection, and decoration.

    The DR2 range of semi-automatic divider and rounders treat the dough gently to make perfect round rolls. There s also a choice of fully automatic or electronically adjustable DR- Robot2 divider rounders in a range of different capacities for increased throughput.

    The semi-industrial breadslicer 208 is the right answer for slicing all types of loafs in the production area. The double infeed belts with electronic variable speed continuously feed the bread to the cutting blades. It has a high hourly production of up to 800 pieces per hour continuously.

    We at Apex are pleased to a new depositor - Apex Mini-fill Touch. Please check out the Depositor section of the website or call one of our sales staff. For information on individual models, please visit the depositors page.

    We at Apex are proud and excited to offer the Kornfeil product line to our customers. Have a look at this and please let us know how we can assist you.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and new product lines from Apex Bakery Equipment.