Divider - Hydraulic - RobotRad

Divider - Hydraulic - RobotRad

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Robotrad is a new machine in the true meaning of tradition to divide dough for artisan bread. Without the use of any pressure, the Robotrad divides gently by pressing the dough again a removable grill. The Robotrad comes in four versions:
- Robotrad Divider
operation with up and down buttons and end-switch
teflon coated dividing grills and top plate
stainless steel knives
on castors with brak
two grill supports and pressing plates
- Robotrad Automatic Divider - as the Robotorad Divider but expanded with:
cast iron foot
automatic rising of the knives for easy cleaning
- Robotrad Electronic Divider - As the Robtotrad Automatic Divider but expanded with:
automatic closing and opening of the lid
programmable pressing time
press-only function
- Grilles Robotrad - To accomodate personal requirements these grills are available in 6, 10, 12, and 20 long divisions plus 18, 24, and 36 square divisions.