Rounder - Artisan AR2 Roller

Rounder - Artisan AR2 Roller

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Steel body.
Planetary rotating bell with eccentricity adjustment.
Felt-covered bell and holding ring.
Conveyor belt fitted at the machines outfeed side.
Gear and belt drive.
The machine is wheelmounted and equipped with a locking device. Miscellaneous: Makes round loaves from 7 ozs. to 8 lbs. You can adjust the movable bell eccentricity at your own discretion, thus assuring the same precision for the whole range of loaves. Equipped with a practical conveyor belt fitted on the outfeed side. Its high efficiency (up to 2000 pcs/hr) helps you save much time out of the whole process. All parts coming into direct contact with dough, as well as all mechanic parts, are easily accessible, thus facilitating cleaning and maintenance.