Apex Cake Line

Apex Cake Line

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Apex/Beldos offers a range of conveyors, which are specifically designed to use with Apex/Beldos stand-alone depositors and in this way to create semi-automatic and automatic production systems. Special options and features of the conveyor ensure perfect operation, reliability, and safety.

Belconveyor is designed for semi-automatic production of cakes. The following machines can be installed on the line: depositor for syrup spraying, a depositor for middle layer icing, a press station for cakes, a depositor for top/side icing and depositor for decoration.

The line is operated via the touch screen. Cake layers are put manually on the line and centered with bolts. The conveyor has stop/go function, so it is programmed to stop a specific intervals at every functional unit. The sensor defined the availability of a cake layer under the nozzle and the machines start operation: syrup spraying, cream depositing on the middle layers, pressing cakes to a certain height by a press stations or decorations of cakes./ Then the cake layer is moving till the next functional unit. The touch screen is used to program different parameters of the line.