Divider - Volumetric - SC2000

Divider - Volumetric - SC2000

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Steel body.
Hardened aluminum dividing drum.
Intake pistons in bronze.
Forced lubrication.
Disconnectable flour duster.
Stainless steel hopper.
Height adjustable conveyor belt.
Wheelmounted and equipped with locking system.
Low voltage control board.
Stainless steel knife.
Plastic expulsion little pistons.
Ultimate Square Box Volumetric Divider. The possibility to adjust the dough pressing pressure makes this machine suitable to work every dough types without spoil them. A simple dividing system delicately divides dough without mistreating or heating it and enables high precision in loaf weighing. Load sizes are steplessly selected by means of a useful handwheel and values are shown on a special display. The machine can work with 1 or 2 pistons. When the machine works with 1 piston the production range is from 720 min. to 1800 max. pcs/hr, while , when the machine works with 2 pistons the production range is from 1440 min. to 3600 max. pcs/hr. The machine has been studied to have a discharge height enough to be satisfactorily combined with our rounders, long-loaf moulders, and moulders.