Rounder - Conical - Sabitin 3

Rounder - Conical - Sabitin 3

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Sabotin 3

Optimal round shape and smooth surface of dough pieces.

All machine parts in contact with dough are multilayer teflon coated.

Sturdy construction. Optional Features: The Sabotin 3 rounder is designed for intermediate and final round-moulding of wheaten and rye-wheaten

(with a max. content of rye flour of 30%) pieces.

Moulding on conical rounders gives the dough an optimal round and smooth shape, which is the basic condition for high final product quality.

Due to its sturdy construction and flexibiity of use, the Sabotin 3 is most suitable for use in medium and large-sized industrial bakeries with an automatic and continuous production process.