Apex GelTop Duo

Apex GelTop Duo

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Jelly spraying machine especially suitable for the application of jelly from 2 Bag in Boxes (useful for the processing of 2 flavours). Machine with unique closed heating system, 2 separate heaters and 2 separate temperature settings. Supplied with 2 plastic spray guns with stainless steel ducts and rapidly interchangeable spray nozzles. The spray gun hoses are electrically heated. The machine naturally meets all HACCP and CE standards.
Techinical Features: Can be connected to 2 x Bag in Box
2 spray guns, 2 electrically heated spray gun hoses
Voltage: 220/240V 50/60 Hz
Other voltages available on request
Capacity: heating capacity 2 x 2000 Watt
Dimensions: 450 x 530x 1000 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 72 KG. Miscellaneous:The contents of the box are almost entirely drained thanks to its slanted positioning.

Specially developed hygienic rapidly detachable coupling.