Apex Fermentation Tank

Apex Fermentation Tank

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Now you can produce the besting tasting bread using the Apex Auto Fermenter.

The fermentation tank works rapidly. An original agitating system secures a perfect homogeneity of your mix.

The quality of the oxygenation, well fitted to the environment, favours the quick and harmonious multiplication of the ferments.

The automatic system temperature regulation permits to reach the desired optimal PH securing the ideal maturation of the fermentation.

Thanks to its cooling system, automatic too, the fermentaion is totally controlled in the absecnce of the operator.

The tank is easy to clean without dismantling. Its stainless steel covering assures great hygiene.

Economical, reliable, easy to use, it is essential in reachine the public_x0019_s increasing demand for quality bread.

Optional: Three models:



AF500 respectively 150, 300 and 500 liter tank capacity