Apex C 40 Matic Water Meter

Apex C 40 Matic Water Meter

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Electronic, manual, automatic and motor-operated mixers, dosing units and liter-counters.

Automatic mixing liter-counter with motor-operated mixing valve C 40 Matic
Electronic mixing liter-counter with thermostat C 30 L Mix
Electronic dosing liter-counter C 30 L. Technical Features: Water is even measured during dropping or with a max. pressure of 6 bar. Measurement unit is deciliter. Max setting value is 999.9 It. the filter is present in all models. Helps protect the unit from any impurities. Technical Features: The set value of the temperature is kept constant thanks to the built in motor operated thermostat. In this model temperature is made from the electronic keyboard, which automatically adjusts the thermostat.