Sancassiano Horizontal Hydra Automatic Mixer

Sancassiano Horizontal Hydra Automatic Mixer

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Based on the well-known Hydra concept, Sancassiano has designed a new horizontal mixing system.
Here are the main features of this system:
The dough can be cooled down to 8-10°C by a refrigerated water/glycol mix re-circulating in the jacket of the mixing chamber.
Pressure/vacuum mixing improves the characteristics of the dough, keeping under control the extensibility, the oxidation process and the texture of the final product.
The gluten development is assured by this innovative mixing action which guarantees very low levels of aW (Activity Water Parameter).
The incorporation of inclusions such as fruit, raisins, chocolate chips, olives is immediate and delicate, without damaging the inclusions or coloring the dough.
During the discharge phase the bowl is positioned at the optimum angle and the twin arms work in discharge motion, ensuring the fast and clean ejection of the dough.
Horizontal Hydra HH Model: Bowls (batch) from 300 up to 1.000 kg
In comparison with other traditional horizontal mixers present on the market, the discharging phase is quick and clean. The optimal angle of the bowl and the discharging motion of the mixing tools, are ensuring a fast and clean ejection of the dough.

The Horizontal Hydra Automatic Mixer is useful for:

Toast bread (biscotte)
Tin Bread