Sancassiano Oil Free Planetary Bridge Shape Mixer

Sancassiano Oil Free Planetary Bridge Shape Mixer

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Patented OIL FREE planetary movement, without oil and gears.
No risk of oil leakage into the dough.
Maintenance drastically reduced.
Sanitary design of the working chamber without gaskets and sharp edges.
Planetary group made of two mixing tools and one bowl scraper following the full internal profile of the bowl.
Scraper and mixing tools speed programmable by inverter.
Possibility of automatic ingredients loading and product discharge.
PLC system for recipe and speed storage.
Wide range of mixing tools available.
The Oil Free Planetary Bridge Shape Mixer is especially useful for:

Whipped cream
Sponge cake
Deposited biscuits
Wire-cut biscuits
Cup cakes
Cheese cake
PLT Model: Bowls from 120 up to 1300 liters available
Available Mixing Tools:

Tools 1,2,8 sponge cakes, aerated batters, whipped cream, sponge cake

Tools 3,4,7 shortbread, short pastry, rotary moulded biscuits

Tools 5,6 muffins, creams, cakes, brownies, cheese cakes wire-cut and deposited biscuits, filling

Tools 10 special products

Tools 9 scraper
Optional Features:Pressure/vacuum mixing available as option.
Heated/cooled bowl available as option.