Apex Gourmet Series Electric Convection Oven

Apex Gourmet Series Electric Convection Oven

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Diversifying and combining cooking systems to maximize oven efficiency. Preparing foods of the highest quality and with excellent flavor. Enhancing taste while preserving the nutritional value of the foods.

These are the goals of Apex Gourmet Convection Ovens, a line of compact ovens with a remarkably low price. They_x0019_re designed, built and recommended for food take-outs, cafeterias, pastry shops, restaurants, fast-food establishments and supermarkets.

Optional Features

Hot Cabinet , Table for trays and trays available upon request.

Technical Features

Gourmet Line 7 Pan and 12 Pan Ovens may be used for:

Convection baking - Ideal for roasting, grilling and au gratin baking of meats and fish.
Convection baking + moisturizing - Ideal for lasagna and casseroles, white meats, wild game, bread and leavened products.
Gourmet Series 1211 may be used for convection baking, convection baking + moisturizing and the following:

Regeneration baking - Ideal for restoring flavor and aroma to refrigerated foods.
Steam baking - Ideal for baking special, delicate foods such as mousses, custards, souffles and pates, and vegetables.
Mixed-cycle baking - Ideal for foods requiring lengthy baking, continuous checking and addition of condiments, such as stews, meatballs, braised meats and large roast.
cooking with food probe - Ideal for large pieces of meat, roast beef and roasts that require very precise baking times and extreme uniformity.