Apex Lider 300

Apex Lider 300

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The Lider 300 is a new generation of rotary rack bread ovens. Its biggest difference from its peers is it can either be used with one or double rack. Capacity of rotary ovens is eliminated. To improve the product that is baked in the oven, the amount of steam and isolation provided in the oven are increased. Because it can be fully disassembled, it can be transported from everywhere.

Technical Features

Pan Size: 600x1000x2mm or 1000x1200mm
Number of Pans: 15 or 17
Oven Length: 2870mm
Oven Width: 2350mm
Oven Height(max): 2500mm
Maximum Temperature Value: 300oC
Power Sources: Natural Gas, LNG, LPG, Motorin