Apex Multifunctional Bench Retarder/Proofer

Apex Multifunctional Bench Retarder/Proofer

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Stainless Steel
Unit incorporated in the bench
Running with R22 freon
Assembled system (cannot be disassembled)
Air cooled condenser. Optional Features: Humidity control
Remote refrigerating unit
Water cooled condenser
Condenser with air cooling system integrated with water cooling. Techinical Features: Multifunctional benches divided into two sectors and equipped with two control panels (allowing for programming of two sectors separately ) and a single refrigerating unit. Dedicated to the areas of pastry and general foodstuffs, they can combine different functions and they are only available with four doors. It is completely manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel. The refrigerating unit is located in the motor compartment in the middle of the bench.
The possible different funcions that can be combined are: retarder proofer with automatic programmed proofing, conservation/fermentation of raw bread dough and bulk dough pieces with holiday program, static conservation at a normal temperature, static-ventilated conservation at low temperature.