Apex X-Slicer 202 and 204

Apex X-Slicer 202 and 204

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Shop slicers are equipped with a bread pusher and are ideal for the bakery store where bread is sliced and packaged at the customer s request. They are manufactured both as table and as standing models. Semi-automatic machines are activated by a carrying handle, which the operator pushes backward. Automatic machines have a motor driven pusher and slicing starts after simply pressing the start button.
The available slice thicknesses are: 11,12 of 14 mm, others available on request.

The cross-slicer is an innovative machine equipped with the unique cross slice system. The load is cat an an angle with a longer stroke of the blades, which results in faster slicing (even fresh bread) and smooth silent operation.

The X-Slice knives have a life span lasting up to three times as long as that of a conventional machine.
Optional: bag blowing device: automatically opens plastic bags,increasing hourly production
- single phase execution