Apex EcoSmart Sheeter

Apex EcoSmart Sheeter

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ECOSMART is the semi automatic line of sheeters complete with a PLC able to manage 35 sheeting programmes set by the operator.

The speed of the semi automatic sheeters coupled with the simple use of the manual sheeters make this machine easy to use and highly productive.

The movement of the conveyor belts are controlled by a handle, while the roller gap is controlled by the PLC, and is altered with each reversing of the conveyors.

ECOSMART is the sheeter for the user who wants to automate the lamination of medium quantities of a number of different doughs each day.

In such cases the semi automatic working of the sheeter allows the small manual adjustments that differentiate the industrial and craft made product.

Optional Features

Upon request an automatic flour duster can be fitted to help reduce the amount of dusting flour used.

Cutting device with rollers (optional)