Sancassiano Double Force Removable Bowl Mixer

Sancassiano Double Force Removable Bowl Mixer

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Intensive kneading system (patented by Sancassiano) by means of two mixing Spiral tools
Off-center cylindrical rotating post, synchronized with the bowl motion for a better gluten development.
Reduced kneading times compared with traditional single spiral systems.
Heavy duty construction optimal for hard dough and strong flour.
Customized mixing tool and configurations, for cookies, short bread, cakes
Customized tool rotating speed according to the product hydration.
Good gluten development.
Good flexibility of dough dimension.
Good adaptability to any quantity of dough.
DF Models: Bowls (batch) from 140 up to 800 Kg available
Double Force Removable Bowl Mixer is especially useful for:

Toast bread
Puff pastry
Flour tortilla
Laminated dough
Panettone and Pandoro
Available Mixing Tools: AStandard tool to mix the majority of yeasted dough.
BDouble effect spiral for intensive mixing action: breadstick, tin bread etc or for mixing thick creams.

CCutting tool, useful for non structured dough: short bread, cookies etc
DFlat beater tool, useful for all semi liquid dough as muffin, scones etc
It is possible to combine different tools too: for example C+D and A+D for productions of wirecutted or rotary molded biscuits.